Friday, May 27, 2011

Lennon PDA wallpaper

Lennon's signature artwork 320 x 240 wallpaper for PDA's and iPods.


  1. Replies
    1. That signature looks a lot more like the one lettering artist Ruth Rowland did for the 70th birthday box set ( and or possibly the one used on the 1988 Imagine film packaging, than Lennon's actual autograph. Not diss-ing your impressive work one bit, but Ms Ono is spectacularly good at portraying a certain public image of Lennon, right down to faking his handwriting and signature squiggles. This really really isn't meant as criticism of your work. What you do is quite incredible. Ms Ono is the one that riles me.

  2. Yes definitely it's his signature and his little doodle of himself from the early 70's. I traced over top of it and turned those lines into a 3d model. Honestly I never noticed Ms. Rowland's 70th birthday version. Thanks Jenny.