Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mr. Kite poster & other sunroom objects d'art

If you're a Kenwood Blog habitué and all-around Beatles trivia enthusiast you know that Lennon had his Mr. Kite poster hanging in his den and a Great War recruiting poster with Lord Kitchener somewhere around the front entrance.

Check out the great blog "Beatles Place" for photos of famous Beatle locations including the shop where Lennon most likely bought the Mr. Kite poster.

Thanks again to the Kenwood Blog for allowing me to ride his photographic shirt-tails.


  1. Thanks for the mention - the Mr Kite poster is great.

  2. I have a replica of the Kite poster hanging behind my bar. The Japan painting now hangs in a gallery in Sapporo unless it's been washed out by the tsunami.

  3. Most welcome Dave -- and I’m excited about our collaboration on the special Beatles art (tease tease) I couldn’t do that right without your expertise.

    Sad news all around Roger. Hard to put into words. :(