Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paul McCartney's Pepsi Radio

Onto the obscure, which is the Pepsi radio Paul had in hand when they landed in America on February 7, 1964.

Recreating all these many famous photographs and scenes familiar to Beatle Maniacs doesn't consist simply of amps and guitars.

There is also a vast array of other objects contained in these recreated virtual three-dimensional spaces from furniture and tea sets to alarm clocks and everything thing in between.

Paul's Pepsi radio is one such objects seen among all these Beatle gear 3D scenes. Hey, even in the virtual world you still need props.


  1. I thought that the actress Joan Crawford -- who was on the Board of Directors of Pepsi and a spokesperson for the company -- gave them the radios.

  2. Yet another bit of info! Ive never heard either story until now so I havent any idea.

    Very interesting thanks.

  3. In fact, Pepsi gave them these radios to all the Beatles, to capitalize on the publicity. But only can see in the video for his first visit to America to Paul listening to music with it. I remember the first time I saw this documentary, wondered where he got that portable radio?